How to Optimize the Value of Social Media in Your Self Storage Marketing Plan

Written by: Michelle Bakva Posted: 1/12/2019
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Social media is crucial to every marketing plan no matter the industry. With more than 2.1 billion people online, you must capitalize on where your audience spends the most time.

Find your voice. Think of your brand as if it were an actual person. Then, ask yourself "What would this person look like? Sound like? Listen to? Share? Consume?" Define this person’s taste, appearance, tone and personality. Infuse your brand persona into your marketing materials. Be unique, different and knowledgeable.

Consistency is key and the secret to social success. Set up uniform branded pages across all channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, blog, newsletter). Consider visual cohesion with colors, logos, layouts, graphics, as well as tone, language and content. At StorQuest Self Storage, we motivate and inspire customers to put away their stuff and live BIG. We are energetic and motivational in our tone and take the vantage point of the adventurer in our imagery.

Create content worthy of sharing to build a community online. Be sure to tap into trending content that is relevant to your fans to provide value and assert yourself as a thought leader in your space. Chat with your fans, monitor conversations and address positive/negative comments – exactly how a ‘real’ person would act. Encourage shares, likes and comments to keep conversations flowing. Lastly, be consistent, be patient and keep at it.

Ask yourself these questions before clicking send:

  • Value-add content: Does if offer something to your fans?
  • Sharable content: Will it start a conversation?
  • Voice/tone: Is it a clear representation of your brand?
  • Imagery: Is the look and feel consistent?
  • Relevant hashtags: Are you including hashtags to join a vibrant conversation or build on your own?
  • Engaging: Questions or call to action?

You want to stand out amongst the crowd/competitors, therefore you need to create a brand that is recognizable – a brand that is inherently you!

About the Author

Michelle Bakva is the vice president of marketing for The William Warren Group/StorQuest Self Storage, where she oversees the company’s global marketing strategy, corporate communications and community-relations efforts. StorQuest Self Storage & The William Warren Group: The William Warren Group, Inc. is a privately held, entrepreneurial real estate company that develops, acquires and manages self storage properties under the vibrant brand of StorQuest Self Storage. With over 150 locations nationwide, StorQuest has developed an industry-wide reputation for extraordinary customer service, driven by a sophisticated operating platform and leadership in technological innovation. Our state-of-the-art third party management services provide the benefits of plugging into our powerful brand and leveraging our cutting edge digital marketing program, in-house call center and robust revenue management system. 

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