Year-End Checklist: Four Action Items Self Storage Operators Can Start Today

Written by: Mario Macaluso Posted: 11/13/2018
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Before you know it, 2019 will be here. Follow the helpful action items on this year-end checklist to successfully close the door on 2018 and start off strong in the new year.

Action Item #1 – Evaluate your goals from last year

Look back at the long-term goals you established for your business for 2018. Did you accomplish what you set out to do in terms of occupancy? Retail sales? Customer service and overall customer satisfaction? Were you successful at reaching your revenue goals or did you fall short? Assess what you did and did not achieve in 2018. Then reassess and start determining how your 2019 goals might differ from the previous year.

Action Item #2 – Identify your business’ sweet spots

Determine where the sweet spots are within your business. Are there revenue-generating opportunities that you perhaps overlooked this year that have the likelihood of a big payoff in 2019? Consider your marketing tactics; for example, create an ad campaign to raise greater awareness within a specific target market near your facility. Think about simple ways to improve the sale of ancillary products and services like locks, storage boxes, packing materials and rental trucks. Add another revenue source, like tenant insurance. Tenants trust you to keep their most treasured belongings safe and protecting them in a time of need is critical. Implementing a tenant insurance program at your facility is easy to do. It is not only a great benefit for your customers, but it is a stress-free way to build revenue and value for your business.

Action Item #3 – Leverage the power of three

Think in terms of the magic number three. Pinpoint the top three strategic results you want to accomplish in 2019. Then create a quarterly action plan to make these results a reality. What three things can you do each quarter that will get you closer to reaching your three strategic goals? Be realistic with your timeline and what you can feasibly do as a business each quarter. Once your timeline and action plan are developed, be relentless and disciplined in generating your results.

Action Item #4 – Get organized for the new year

Setting goals and creating an action plan to achieve those goals is significantly easier to do when you are organized. Take full advantage of the many planning tools out there to keep you organized for both the short and long term. Create calendars that break down your action items into easily manageable daily, weekly and monthly tasks. You can even organize your calendars around the key pillars of your business -  unit occupancy, safety and security, facility maintenance, insurance, retail sales, employee training, etc. The more organized and detail-oriented you are, the less likely you are to get off track.

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