How a Smart Thermostat Can Improve Your Self Storage Business

Posted: 9/20/2018
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The smart thermostat has already made its mark on our homes as a valuable tool for monitoring and maintaining proper ambiance and room temperature. Our homes are not the only places where our belongings live. Many of us use self storage units to house our most valuable possessions. While these units provide a much-needed service, they pose the potential issue of not being monitored closely. For self storage property managers, the burden of watching over countless valuables can take a toll on business resources and cost owners money.

Increasingly, storage units are outfitted with smart thermostat technology. PTI CORE is the leading provider of cloud-based real-time information regarding the status of storage unit facilities. Our ability to monitor units comes from our unique integration of the smart thermostat into storage facilities.

PTI CORE will help self storage owners reduce the cost of heating and cooling with the ability to monitor their facilities constantly. PTI CORE will help facility owners monitor if a door is held open by a customer as they move in and out. Monitoring "held doors" eliminates heating and cooling the outside by a door held open.

PTI CORE will also keep track of unit temperatures, reducing the occurrence of claims from tenants that their items were damaged due to inconsistent climate control conditions. We work with self storage property managers who are required to continually walk their facilities to check temperature settings, helping them to increase productivity with remote controlling of each temperature access point. Even buildings with wine and cigar rooms can significantly benefit from our solutions, with the ability to control humidity levels and adjust conditions for the optimal aging of their products.

But which smart thermostat is right for your building and your units? The following is an overview of the thermostats we offer to help you decide which model best fits your storage needs:

  • Ecobee 3 Lite
  • Ecobee 4 with Alexa Voice
  • Nest E
  • Honeywell T5

Smart thermostat technology allows owners and property managers the ability to monitor and manage room temperatures remotely, with the touch of a button. PTI CORE is the proven provider of cloud-based monitoring systems for storage facilities. We work to find the right thermostat system for your needs and provide the peace of mind that your renter's valuables are safe and out of harm’s way.

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