The Similarities and Differences between Cylinder and Disc Locks

Posted: 9/13/2018
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Cylinder locks are types of locks in which the cylinder lock plate secures the lock in place and prevents the tongue of the latch from sliding. Once the cylinder lock is removed from the latch the tongue can then be moved to open the unit. Disc locks are heavy duty locks in shape of a disc which are designed to make it almost impossible for intruders or thieves to pick utilizing shims.

In this article we discuss the differences and similarities between cylinder and disc locks.

The following are several similarities:

  • Both locks have a higher number of key combinations due to the number of pins in the cylinder. This minimizes the possibility of key duplications in closed environments found in a storage facility.
  • Both locks are highly challenging to break into as compared to standard padlocks.
  • Cutting either of these locks with the use of bolt cutter is not much of an option for those who are trying to break in.
  • Disc locks and cylinder locks cannot be separated from their keys easily when unlocked making lost or misplaced keys far less likely. 
  • Each of these lock styles can demand higher retail price and margin because of the locks high-security nature and features.

Additionally, the following are several differences:

  • Disc locks are highly regarded and preferred by self storage insurance companies for their high level of security.
  • Many insurance companies offer zero deductible policies to those who deploy disc locks.
  • In most instances, cylinder locks are not readily available for purchase in retail stores.
  • Cylinder locks have convenient overlock features, reducing the need for an overlock padlock and expense.
  • Cylinder locks provide a higher level of security

No pun intended but picking the right lock can be a challenge. While both locks are extremely challenging to break the cylinder lock is more secure. This is why the ideal choice is the cylinder lock. However, given the standard latches at most storage facilities the cylinder lock may not be a feasible option. This is why the disc lock is a great choice as well.

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