SBOATI Interviews Grace Anderson of Absolute Storage Management

Posted: 8/30/2018
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We had the pleasure to talk with Grace Anderson, Director of Marketing and Vendor Relations Manager of Absolute Storage Management (ASM), one of the largest privately owned, third-party management companies of self storage facilities in the US. ASM manages over six million square feet in 15 states. In 2011, ASM Partner, Michael Haugh, became a founding supporter of SBOA Tenant Insurance.

To dedicate consolidated attention to the Tenant Insurance Program, ASM has assigned a part-time resource to tenant insurance. Here is what that role is designed to achieve:

Why did ASM designate a point person for insurance?

In the last 10 years, we doubled our facility count! My job is to make sure our managers fully embrace ASM’s tenant insurance goals so we maximize the benefits of the SBOATI program. I strive to keep it humming by centralizing information and duties.

How do you spend your time?

I look at a lot of data! I spend time making sure stores are up to date on training, both internal and through SBOATI. I make sure we promptly respond to requests about losses our tenants report to SBOATI and I work closely with SBOATI to coordinate things such as responses to weather catastrophes. I also have general administrative work such as making sure our portfolio is up to date and our communications are aligned with SBOATI.

I would say half my week is on tenant insurance. That sounds like a lot but it is really ten minutes per facility.

What improvements have you seen at ASM?

We have improved our success by 15%. I’m the go-to person for our staff, always available to help front-line employees accomplish their goals. I share reports with facility staff to make sure they know precisely how they are performing. Knowledge really is power!

Thank you to Grace for sharing her insight. 

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