Integrating Management Software with a Mid-Market Accounting System

Written by: Bill Ford Posted: 7/26/2018
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Most self storage management software offers an integration with QuickBooks accounting software. This makes sense given that according to Intuit, 29 million businesses in the US (an 80% market share) use Quickbooks. However, there can come a time at larger companies when QuickBooks no longer offers the accounting power needed and a decision is made to move to a mid-market ERP solution.

Recently, DoorSwap was asked to work with a team to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. NAV is a software system used for accounting and finance, customer relationship management and full manufacturing supply chain management. NAV is frequently customized by a reseller as it is deployed to give the business the workflow it desires.

Scott Beatty, CFO of Absolute Storage Management, says they choose NAV focused primarily on accounting and reporting. He added, “We are definitely excited about the banking and POS integrations, the integration with our credit card expense management tool and the robust and dynamic reporting functions that come with the system.”

When asked why they were moving away from QuickBooks, Beatty responded, “Intercompany transactions have become an incredible headache for us with 100+ locations as QuickBook’s stand-alone structure doesn’t allow for the smooth collaboration of these types of transactions and the lack of controls in the system, such as the ability to backdate transactions and alter closed periods is both a blessing and curse.”

The integration between DoorSwap Management Software and Microsoft NAV will push accounting data from the management software to the accounting system automatically in near-real time. ASM will be able to use NAV as a single accounting system that handles multiple locations with individual tax IDs. Ultimately, ASM will be able to automate intercompany financial transactions as they share services across multiple entities for services like call centers and website providers.

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