Inspiring Your Team of Experts in the Age of Assistance

Posted: 7/11/2018
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The words “artificial intelligence” (AI) can conjure up mental images of robotic arms lining factory conveyor belts or machine assistants in lab-like office settings. In reality, AI is more about the data that powers technology or a device than its physical manifestation.

Google has coined the current digital era the “age of assistance”, with emphasis on utilizing machine learning to increase production and revenue. From language development and robotics to autonomous vehicles and real estate, modern industries already solve business problems with AI. The self storage industry can also equip its experts with AI and machine learning to inspire and augment current industry standards and methods.

Your smartphone is the closest comparison to how AI can assist your daily tasks. An AI-enabled workforce has the benefit of using a “smart” system that teaches itself, adapts as needed and continues to advance through machine learning. It also gives people at all levels a technological edge to do more engaging work. Implementing AI is not about reducing employee count or saving money through a workforce reduction. It empowers and scales the workforce to do things smarter and faster to accelerate value and return on net investments.

What Does AI Really Do for Business and the Workforce?

The International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that by 2019, 75% of workers who use business and productivity software daily will have access to AI-enabled assistance to help keep up with digital advancements. Of those who currently leverage AI, 64% saw “substantial increases in their overall marketing efficiency.”

The explosion of data and fast pace of technological developments are outpacing what humans can review, process and analyze in a timely manner. Instead of taking humans thousands of hours to categorize and analyze volumes of data, AI is able to do the same job in a fraction of the time.

By tasking AI with the burden of data analysis, businesses are able to make better-informed decisions faster about their audiences, channel distribution, content engagement and strategic business impacts. The focus shifts from collecting volumes of “big data” to automating the dissection of information into meaningful business insights. AI arms business decision-makers with the pathway to business intelligence, which leads to a more informed workforce and personalized customer experiences.

Our ability to collect massive amounts of data is both reliant on and responsible for the way consumers now expect to be reached - with hyper-individualized messaging. AI is capable of rich segment analysis that pinpoints multiple layers of ideal customer personas. Reaching consumers where they spend time online, with non-intrusive messaging, is imperative for all industries, including self storage. AI will meet consumer expectations, as well as predict trending shifts in consumer interests and evolve accordingly.

Start Here: G5’s Intelligent Marketing Cloud

The application of data science could seem overwhelming to wrangle, even in our advancing digital world. Consider how much more empowered and confident your employees might be if they could rely on AI-powered data analysis and predictions to assist business decisions.

As a SaaS company specializing in real estate marketing, G5 is infusing its Intelligent Marketing Cloud with AI to enable intelligent call scoring that will help property owners and managers amplify their impact. We are merging AI-driven innovations that will change best practices in real estate marketing with the human touch of “authentic intelligence” to strike the right balance.

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