Three Ways Your Business Can Be Authentic on Social Media

Posted: 5/30/2018
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The concept of meaningful, relevant and authentic content is one that is important to everyone. The following are our top three tips that can help any business leverage the power of authentic content:

1. Keep doing what you are already doing

Businesses are very good at a few specific things. That is the nature of being in business; doing or making something so well that people will buy it.

Our recommendation is simple; that thing you do well – keep doing it! Write about it, record you or your team doing it, tell stories about why you love to do it and then share all of that on social media.

2. Be a teacher

Take what you know and get in a regular habit of demonstrating it, talking about how to do it and sharing it. You may worry that people will not find what you do interesting, but it may be more compelling than you think. Few people are as interesting to listen to as those who are genuinely enthusiastic about what they do.

The added benefit of regularly sharing content about what you do is that it lends you and your business added credibility.

3. Keep showing up

The most important part of creating great, authentic content is to continuously share it. On social media, people are more likely to see new content because that is one of the major ways that Facebook, Google and the other online platforms prioritize what content comes up on our feeds.

From video to images to quick tips relevant to your industry, find a tool or platform that can help you post regularly with the click of a button.

At the end of the day, being successful on social media boils down to being authentic. With the right message and tools, you will be connecting with new customers in no time.

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