Branding in the Storage Industry

Written by: Grace Anderson Posted: 5/14/2018
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The barrage of mediums influencing consumers today makes it increasingly important for successful companies to stay true to their brand message. Companies like Coca-Cola continually outperform off-brands with their consistency in image and message. Apple focuses on creating lifelong users by integrating multiple products together all having the same image. Google has transitioned from a search engine into a recognizable symbol that engages in billions of people’s lives every day. These companies have a clear brand message that was integral to their growth. 

A brand’s message helps consumers understand a company’s mission, benefits, products and values. This message is the company’s commitment to consumers that sets the expectations for products and services the consumer will receive. A well-defined brand message will set storage companies apart.

Does your brand message identify your company as the innovator, early adopter or laggard in the industry? Do customers see you as experienced and dependable? Are you the expensive, quality option or rather the inexpensive, value competitor? A company is not able to be all things to all customers.

For the self storage industry, a well-defined brand message can impact the sense of security, service, cleanliness, price, value and experience for the consumer. Starting with this list, evaluate the features you market and list the product differentiators that your facility offers compared to your competition.

Once you have defined your message, integrate your brand in every aspect of your company. Make your brand reflective in your logo, marketing materials, social media, training procedures, customer service interactions, dress code and business decisions. Remember to stay true to your brand and be consistent. Clear branding will make you successful in the storage industry.

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