Why Digital Advertising Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy: Part Two

Posted: 5/3/2018
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After reading Part One, you already know that marketing is your operational advantage. Now that you have your Google My Business listing in place and you have started thinking about ways to upgrade your website, let us take it a step further. First, make your website even more powerful by being easy to use. Next, build a targeted digital advertising strategy to open the floodgates on your revenue.

Building a Better Self Storage Website

Attention spans of the average human is less than that of a goldfish. What does that mean for you? It means that you have eight seconds to grab the attention of a potential renter before they move on to your competitors. If you are wondering how to grab someone’s attention that quickly, it is easy. Your website should have a single call to action (CTA). So when they land on your website you are telling them exactly what you want them to do. Do not give them options. If you want them to check out available units, say that and make it easy for them.

Making your website more user-friendly and intuitive will create more engagement and increase the likelihood of conversion. But what will set you apart? Online leasing. If attention spans are only eight seconds to keep them on your website initially, you have about 30 seconds before they decide to be your client or not. Time yourself on your website. How long does it take to find your available units and pricing? How long does it take to lease a unit? If you are in the minutes, you are losing clients. Integrate online leasing to make the process as easy as possible and watch your conversions increase.

Now that your website is ready, you need to make sure to drive traffic to it. Paid advertisements that show up in search engine results (pay-per-click) and paid social ads are two effective ways to increase traffic. You can explore G5’s data on the Top 10 Self Storage Markets to understand how much people are paying for each click generated from the pay-per-click strategy. But when you are spending money to generate interest, it is important to understand what works and what does not. Whether you have someone in-house or you are seeking out the right partner, establish clear goals for your return on investment (ROI) so you can start to understand what your cost-per-lease actually is.

When you are driving more traffic to your website there is another great digital advertising tactic that will help you convert more leads to leases called "remarketing". When someone visits your website while they are doing research but leaves to go browse competitors, remarketing keeps you top of mind. As a potential renter browses the Internet they will continue to see ads from your property, increasing the likelihood that they will return to your website.

Digital advertising, plus the added power of a good website behind it, will take your marketing to the next level and increase your occupancy. You know that May is the start of self storage busy season, so do not sit back and just expect new business. Be proactive and get your name out there today.

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