180-Day Moratorium for Arvada, CO

Posted: 4/23/2018 Link:
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The city of Arvada, CO, which is just west of Denver, has put a 180-day moratorium on self storage facilities. The Arvada City Council on April 2 voted unanimously that no self storage facilities could submit plans while city staff evaluates the potential impacts to property, public health, safety and welfare.

“We have not liked to see the use of moratoriums, but this was a situation where we need more time to look at these,” Arvada Mayor Marc Williams said during the meeting. “Once these facilities go in, it will stay there forever — they are good money generators for the people running them. But they do not generate sales tax and they take land that could be used for other things.”

Arvada has received five applications for such facilities since deciding self storage is an allowed use at a particular site in July 2016. Before that, the city had received just two applications in 10 years.

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