Getting Started with Better Marketing, Part One

Posted: 3/28/2018
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Marketing is no longer just a line item in your budget, it is an operational advantage. With smarter marketing you are able to make sure your dollars are working for you. But what does that actually mean? How can you improve your marketing right away?

I know, even as someone that does marketing for a living, I have sat in sessions at trade shows and conferences wondering why the speakers are trying to use every piece of marketing jargon they know. Since we all realize that marketing is going to continue to be instrumental to growing our businesses and the industry overall, it is important to talk about how we get there and discover what all of those buzzwords mean.

Your ultimate goal is to increase your leads and convert more of those leads into tenants. To increase leads your business needs to be seen by more people when they are looking for a self storage location. There are two ways to get more visibility. One is more short term and the other takes a bit more investment of time and money. First, clean up your local search foundation. What is a local search foundation? Potential clients will go to a search engine like Google and even use the Google Maps application on their phones and type in words like, “self storage near me” or “self storage in Franklin, TN.” Here are three steps to take to ensure your business is one that actually comes up in those search results:

  1. Make sure your Google My Business (GMB) information is accurate and that the photos represent your brand. Be sure to also watch reviews and any other consumer-created content to ensure you are engaging with negative comments professionally. If you do not have a GMB listing or are not sure, learn about it here.
  2. Your business name, address, phone number and website address should be consistent across Yelp, GMB, Bing and Facebook. This information is not only important for your prospective customers, it is a signal to search engines that you are a trusted business. This is a great tool to check your consistency.
  3. Location, location, location: Your website needs to clearly identify your location, from the city all the way to your neighborhood. Trends such as “near me” searches have made physical location a qualifier for search engine optimization, especially in the storage website world. For example, when someone performs a city or a “near me” search, the business’ proximity becomes one of the foundational elements for search engines.

The second goal is to make your website what potential renters need, such as:

  • Display accurate inventory and pricing and make it easy to find fast
  • Provide detailed explanations of unit features like accessibility and climate control
  • Create a clean design and focus each page on a primary topic
  • Prominently display the action you want the visitor to take as a clear call to action (CTA) button

These two goals are just the start to make your marketing work better for you and increase your leases. Stay tuned for Part Two, Why Digital Advertising Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy. And do not forget to take a look at our guide on marketing jargon before your next trade show or conference.

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