Framingham: New Self Storage Facilities Planned for Leland Street

Posted: 2/19/2018 Link:
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A Hopedale developer plans to create a new self storage facility in south Framingham, replacing a vacant industrial building that was once targeted by the town for delinquent taxes.

Eastland Partners, a strategic real estate investment company with a large portfolio of homes under its belt, recently purchased a shuttered industrial site at 120 Leland St. Measuring roughly 4 acres, the site houses a former welding manufacturing facility.

Eastland plans to raze the building and tear up the existing pavement to construct five, one-story self storage buildings, a two-story self storage building and a one-story warehouse/office building.

According to paperwork filed with the city, the project is expected to take three years to complete. It would include creating catch basins and other structures to collect and treat runoff, which now flows directly into the nearby wetlands.

“The project will (also) consist of the installation of all utilities to service the new buildings and drainage system that will collect and treat the runoff created at the site,” reads a project description. “The project will reduce the impervious area on the site and increase the grass and landscape area.”

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