How to Keep Staff Busy During Slower Times

Posted: 1/30/2018
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Recently, Mr. Dick Aber, owner of Aber Storage in West Texas, shared that storage owners may struggle from time to time with keeping staff busy during slower periods. To overcome this, he offered the following advice:

  • Create a list of duties. This does not have to be lengthy. Just something that is completed regularly so that it will become a habit.
  • Each day, have them walk the entire complex looking to see that lights are working properly, landscaping (if any) is in good condition and there is no trash/clutter. If anything is found, they can then coordinate the appropriate services to fix or remove as necessary.
  • Have them contact at least one customer everyday.
  • When contacting existing customers who have contracts due, share with them anything new you may have done, inquire any upcoming needs they may have and ask for referrals.
  • For clients who are not renewing with you, create a brief questionnaire that can be completed over a phone call with questions such as "why are you not renewing?" or "do you feel you received value for the amount you were paying?". Have your employee take notes to see if a trend may be developing like pricing, location, other enhancements (apps, 24-hour access, etc.). Be sure to discuss these with employees during regular scheduled meetings/phone calls.
  • Do you empower employees with solutions to smaller problems such as working with a tenant to extend a contract? Provide staff such resources so they may better work on your behalf. 
  • Local marketing is key to your facilities success. Empower your employee to help drive business. Create a small marketing campaign and circulate flyers or post on social media. Do you have a monthly or season special? Think of promotions and ways to entice and retain customers.
  • REALTORS® are a good group to target as they are working with companies who may be relocating personnel. Encourage employees to connect with such individuals. 
  • Networking is critical. Make connections with local churches. There are occasions when they need temporary space (festivals and seasonal decorations) and are also aware of people coming in and out of the area who may have long term or temporary needs. This could become a great referral mechanism.

Keeping employees active and engaged with a purpose helps you to help them and drives better results. They are your feet on the ground, use it to your advantage.

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