Third-Party Management and Internet Marketing

Written by: Warner Russell Posted: 12/29/2017
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Every day we search for something using Google and are bombarded with millions of results over thousands of pages but only a handful make it to the first page. Most of us are able to find what we need there and rarely venture further because our answer is typically found in the first two or three search results.

Self storage customers are increasingly Internet dependent. We are to a point now where the average customer finds a facility using his or her smartphone or computer, so Google placement is a key factor to the success of a facility.

Search engine optimization (SEO) provides major nationwide operators with a distinct leasing advantage, which is why Jernigan Capital requires one of those operators to manage facilities we finance. For a facility to lease up quickly, stay highly occupied and push rental rates effectively, it needs to be visible on the Internet. However staying visible on the Internet, specifically on that first page of Google, takes financial resources and marketing expertise smaller operators typically do not have.

Internet marketing is expensive and might not be the place where some operators want to spend their money. However, it is costly for a reason: It works. In fact, it is working now more than ever and that is a trend that will not likely change.

Jernigan Capital is a big believer in third-party management by a major REIT for a plethora of reasons, but no reason is bigger than their ability to land a facility on the front page of Google. As the Internet increasingly serves as the predominant source of reservations for our sector, the Internet visibility achieved by these excellent managers will become even more important to smaller owners and developers.

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