Make the Most of Marketing in 2018

Posted: 12/7/2017
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As you prepare to head into 2018, be sure that promoting your self storage business is at the top of the list! Since 1/3 of Facebook’s two billion users engage with businesses regularly on the network, the focus this month is how to grow potential followers for your business.

First, we will examine a couple of the primary reasons users engage with businesses on Facebook followed by an overview on how you can capitalize and attract new followers.

People are on Facebook looking for best offers and deals

According to a report by Kentico Digital, 40% of users who follow a business on Facebook do so because they want to receive special offers or deals. Be consistent with your Facebook page presence and activity. Current deals and offers relevant to the season will attract new followers.

Giveaways, contests or incentive-based offers work well to get your current followers to share your posts with their followers.

Customer service happens on social media now – whether we want it to or not

Customer service is another reason consumers follow your business on social media. Frequently, they will visit your page to ask questions about your business, clarify hours and location or report good or bad experiences.

Consistently monitor your page for feedback and respond to it immediately. Prompt responses to both good and bad reviews and feedback shows both current and potential followers that you are invested in providing excellent customer service.

Custom content tailored to your audience is more valuable to them

78% of consumers believe that businesses providing custom content are interested in building good relationships.

Content is a key way of creating value for the customer and being active on your Facebook page. Writing short, informative articles that provide information or value to current and potential customers are like gold on social media!

Even the best business page needs a little push

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