Access Control in a Cloud-Based World

Written by: Jimmy Sorenson Posted: 10/6/2017
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Self storage owners across the globe have been controlling the access of their tenants for over 20 years. A typical access control program has traditionally involved a gate, controller, keypad and software program that resides on a PC to manage access. This enables owners and managers to lock tenants out, change access codes and monitor who is entering and exiting the facility. As we all know, technology is ever changing and one of the biggest changes in the self storage industry relating to access control is the capability to manage your tenant access on the cloud through a web-based access control software.

This begs the question of how it works. Essentially, one of the key ingredients allowing self storage owners to manage their tenant's gate access from the cloud is the gate controller itself.

How It Works

Most of the older gate controllers that have been around for decades do not have the ability to plug into a high-speed Internet connection via an Ethernet cable. The newer gate controllers connect to the Internet. They also have built-in hard drives that store tenant codes in the event your Internet connection has a hiccup. Therefore, when a tenant punches in their code at the keypad, the code is verified at the gate and access is granted.

However, what if you needed to change a tenant code or if you needed to block their access? Previously, through the legacy gate controllers and you had to drive down to the facility and update it on the PC where the access control program resided. However now, if you have a gate controller that is tied to a cloud-based access control software platform you can change those items from the convenience of your mobile phone, tablet or any computer as long as it is connected to the Internet. Another benefit is that through the new cloud-based technology, you can remotely open your gate through an app on your smart phone which eliminates the need for you to drive down and let contractors, policemen or handymen in to the facility during non-business hours.

Additional Benefits

Because you do not need to have a computer on-site, having a cloud-based access control program eliminates downtime when your computer decides to act up, update or crash. Another perk is how quickly programs are updated. Since information is getting passed through the web, you can change a tenant's gate code on your phone and it will change in real time, taking away any delay that previously existed when updating codes through legacy gate controllers.

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