How SEO and PPC Work Together to Drive Results

Written by: Bessie Haddaway Posted: 8/22/2017
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising are two different Internet marketing strategies that perform well on their own. The information below examines how these two marketing initiatives can be worked in tandem to create a powerful marketing strategy.

SEO Brings Long Term Success

SEO is a long-term Internet marketing strategy. Even after optimizing your website using SEO best practices, it can still take a few months to see results. You might be wondering why is it important to be ranked well organically. This is because the top five search engine results get 75% of the clicks, according to HubSpot, a leading marketing software company. It is essential to implement an SEO strategy in order to increase your website’s organic search engine ranking for location and industry-based keyword phrases over time. That is very important for local businesses like self storage facilities.

Search Engine Optimization involves the strategic placement of keyword phrases within the headers and content of your website. The code and structure of your website can also affect how well it ranks in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Ranking reports are used on a monthly basis to monitor your website’s SEO performance and to make changes as needed. There can be a lot of competition when ranking for keyword phrases, depending on your business’ location and industry. Monthly SEO updates to your website can increase your company’s organic search engine ranking.

PPC For Fast Results

During the months that your business is building up its organic rankings through SEO, a Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) campaign can help your business to see quick, measurable results! If you are starting a new business or opening a new location, Pay-Per-Click Advertising through Google or Facebook can help your business receive more calls, clicks to your website and customers. Targeting potential clients based on life events, demographics, behaviors, income, interests, location and much more, is a fantastic way to wisely use your marketing budget.

PPC campaigns can help you to achieve a strong position in the search engines, such as Google, by putting a set monthly budget behind your ads. One of the best advantages of PPC campaigns is that you only pay when a potential client clicks on your ad!

PPC campaigns also offer facilities a lot of flexibility. There is the option to pause and restart Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaigns as business needs change. If your business has a slow season during the year, a Google or Facebook PPC campaign can make all the difference in gaining more customers during that time period.

Combine PPC and SEO to Achieve Results

PPC and SEO both help to boost your business’ online presence, increase website traffic and achieve visibility on the web’s most popular search engines. Both methods involve industry specific and location-based keyword phrases to reach new customers for your business. For example, when a potential customer types in search terms related to your business and location, they may see paid results (PPC ads) and organic search results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Using SEO and PPC together will position your business for long-term Internet marketing success and help your company to quickly gain new customers!

Bessie Haddaway is the marketing coordinator at The Storage Group. The Storage Group has over 60 years of combined storage industry experience. A dedicated team of Internet marketing professionals specialize in Market Intel, Reputation Management, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SE0), Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) and Local Listing Management. The Storage Group was the first in the self storage industry to create an innovative online rental tool known as ClickandStor®.

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