The Irony of Your Office: Less is More

Written by: March Chase Posted: 7/25/2017
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When asked why utilize self storage, people often reference the "Four Ds": Death, Divorce, Downsizing and/or Disaster. Obviously there are other reasons, however most originate from a life-changing event. No matter the reason, it all emanates from having excess items and the demand for additional space. Essentially, an individual is trying to purge their life by placing the excess material items into the smallest and most affordable space possible. Furthermore, facilities are not created with an “open shelf” design. Facilities are purposely designed to conceal and protect your items securely in a unit, hidden from plain sight. However, they are also designed and maintained with curb appeal, aesthetics and architectural integrity in mind. What does it say to an already stressed customer when an office is disorderly, disarranged and evoking a feeling of anxiety?

It demonstrates a lack of empathy with your customer and understanding on the current state of the self storage industry.

In a recent article commissioned by the National Association of Realtors, “Boomers are being more selective in where they store their belongings which will, according to REIClub, result in more sophisticated and higher technology facilities offering more user-friendly layouts, larger spaces, flexible unit mixes, kiosks, high security and more climate control units.”

To not make the necessary alterations and upgrades to stay relevant is to not remain competitive. Overlooking the condition of your office and how it fits in with today’s modern industry landscape can essentially cost you business.

The optics of an office should be sleek, sterile and void of excess. While you might spend enough time in your office day in and day out that it feels like home, do not make your office homely. Do not decorate or resemble the local Cracker Barrel. Do not highlight to the public how many three ring binders you have purchased from Staples. Everything should be concealed and the countertops should be spotless. No personal affects visible; no folders, paperwork, etc. There is no need to display every POS product and box in your inventory. Avoid creating an office environment where the walls feel like they are closing.

First impressions are everything. Your ability to be and remain objective and impartial is critical to your office environment. Sustaining that impartiality can result in a larger financial success than you may have ever imagined. Do yourself a favor and scrutinize your office layout today because your customers already are.

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