Great SEO Depends on User Experience

Written by: Garret Stembridge Posted: 7/19/2017
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Since so many people use Google to find answers and solutions, there is no getting around the importance of employing search engine optimization (SEO) for a successful website. Instead of clashing with users, effective SEO now helps them. With algorithm updates, Google has aimed to stamp out annoying practices, such as "keyword stuffing", and reward websites optimized for user experience.

As part of perfecting the user experience, content has received a revamp. It is not enough to provide interesting blog articles. For SEO, content must be high quality and helpful. Providing great content helps to maintain relationships with customers and it sends signals to Google to increase rankings. To be competitive, a website must have all parts working in harmony. It has to be helpful for the reader and good for SEO.

You can obtain an accurate impression of whether content is helpful by using tools that show how far a user scrolls down and whether the user is clicking around but not finding neccessary content. Google Analytics helps to learn how long users stay on a page and whether links are clicked. Further, you can improve user experience by utilizing a large amount of data captured from visits to your website.

Another increasingly important aspect of user experience is mobile usage. For mobile searches, Google is preparing to reward websites that are optimized for mobile. On the mobile index maintained by Google, websites will be ranked higher if users have a positive experience, while poor experiences will translate into lower rankings. At Extra Space Storage, we have been preparing for this change for months and we will continue improving our desktop and mobile websites with helpful tools to provide great user experiences.

About the Author

Garret Stembridge is a senior SEO marketing manager at Extra Space Storage.

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