Remote Management: Looking To The Future

Written by: Ken Hendrickson Posted: 7/18/2017
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Remote management is starting to gain a lot of traction among owner-operators and small to medium-sized facilities. This service can be very attractive to operators either looking to retire and spend less time managing the facility or operators looking to invest in a storage facility on the side. In addition to saving time, using a remote management service almost always increases the facilities occupancy and decreases collection issues. In many cases, this is because the phone gets answered every single time by a trained storage specialist. One of the biggest problems in the industry today in regards to managing a storage facility is that typically four out of ten calls never get answered. Eliminating just this one problem can have a significan impact on a storage facility business.

While we may never fully get away from having to have someone on-site or part time, the future of remote management looks bright. Things are only getting more and more automated and less and less personal. Are there tradeoffs? Of course. However, as an owner, who can argue with a better-managed facility absorbing less of your time? 

About Easy Storage Solutions

Easy Storage Solutions started a division of their company back in 2015 named Call Advantage. While it started as just a call center answering phones it quickly transformed into a remote management service where Call Advantage was taking calls, renting units, taking payments, answering billing and gate questions, sending receipts and even having the lease agreement e-signed for the facility. Call Advantage is now helping manage 160 storage facilities across the US from its headquarters in St. George, UT.

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