New Marketing Training to Tackle 2017 Storage Growth

Posted: 3/21/2017
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2016 started a growth cycle for storage, a growth cycle that is still being felt across the storage industry. Absolute Storage Management (ASM) is just one of the many companies inside the storage industry that is adjusting strategies to better prepare for this growth and marketing is no exception. As ASM grows, training and developing the abilities of team members to strategically market locally becomes a larger task. To best assimilate new management, ASM effectively rolled out a new property level marketing plan in November 2016. This new plan gives educational guidance into identifying marketing needs for properties and aids in educating managers on how to establish mutually beneficial partnerships.

Being educational in nature, the plan identifies proven business types and online avenues that yield high returns for storage and educates on creative ways to market and partner with those business types. Managers are left to determine what businesses are applicable to their markets and location. The overarching concept is to focus on continued brand awareness by building quality local relationships.

The plan is broken down into four tiers based on various stages of property occupancy: two different lease up tiers that require a tremendous amount of local marketing to establish brand awareness, a stabilized tier that utilizes virtual marketing to allow managers to be on site and available for customers and a high occupancy tier that focuses on highly correlated business for the storage industry such as apartment complexes, retirement homes and real-estate partners. Each of these tiers have different requirements for three predetermined categories: local face-to-face marketing, continuous contact marketing and online marketing management.

Below is a more detailed account of each area of consideration:

  • Local Face-to-Face Marketing: This is composed of strategic planning and relationship building with local business. Property managers are provided a list of potential business categories to market to such as local schools, lawn companies, small business owners, contractors, law offices, etc. and are empowered to make decisions on who to partner with based on the returns and geography of their property.
  • Continuous Contact Marketing: This is a married use of phone and email marketing to continue and strengthen established partnerships.
  • Online Marketing Management: This is required of all managers to educate them on the image their property portrays online.

Strategy guidance is given monthly on manager’s decisions. This property level marketing plan was designed by ASM Director of Marketing, Grace Anderson, specifically crafted to become a customized solution for meeting the needs of individual properties.

“ASM believes that each property needs customized attention. This belief could not change when building a local marketing plan. We understand that no two markets are the same so instead of dictating who and whom to partner with, we are teaching, training and empowering our managers to make effective relationships and tracking those relationships.” said Anderson.

About Grace Anderson

Grace has a BA in Business Management from the University of Memphis where, thanks to meeting Michael Haugh and Matt Bailey in a university mentoring program, she was chosen as the inaugural intern with Absolute Storage Management (ASM). This experimental position turned into a permanent job in July 2013 and Grace now has over five years of self storage experience. Today, Grace and her team manage website development, online and in-person marketing, advertising and operational project management. She is responsible for property marketing, online marketing, corporate marketing and select vendor relationships. She fills up her week with volunteering and experiencing new adventures. 

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