Do Not Forget to Look Up

Posted: 2/28/2017
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The two biggest maintenance concerns for a self storage operator are roof leaks and malfunctioning doors. A malfunctioning door is typically reported when detected by a tenant and generally does not impact the tenant’s property. A roof leak, however, requires a more proactive and planned approach to detect as management cannot regularly access the majority of the building. Undetected roof leaks could occur for months or longer, potentially causing major damage to the tenant’s property as well as reputation and revenue of your facility.

Operators should train management to regularly inspect roofs and gutters and have a trusted roofing contractor perform inspections on a regular basis. A proactive and planned approach could include the following:

Facility Manager Activities (Monthly)

  • Walk the property after a storm for obvious signs
  • Ensure gutters are clear of debris
  • Look for abnormal sagging in insulation
  • Be aware of unusual humidity in connected units

Roofing Contractor Inspection (Annually)

  • Ensure gutters are clear of debris
  • Joint and lap seals
  • Roof penetration point seals  
  • Ponding water
  • Raised exposed fasteners

Roofs are fully exposed to the elements and must be replaced over time. The best plan is to have a proactive inspection and maintenance plan in place to help prolong the life of your existing roof and avoid leaks going unnoticed. This plan will help to determine the realistic life expectancy of the roof system and allow you to plan for the future replacement of your roof, while at the same time, keeping repairs to a minimum.

About the Author

Andy Sullivan is President of Georgia based ReRoof USA. ReRoof USA specializes in retrofit and replacement metal roof systems. ReRoof USA’s systems can be installed over virtually any type of existing roof system to meet today’s more stringent building codes.

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