Eight Do's and Don'ts for Responding to Negative Online Reviews

Written by: Mike Schofield Posted: 1/30/2017
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Reading a negative online review is never pleasant. However, there are methods for recovering from such scrutiny and redeeming the reputation of your self storage business. The following outlines tips for responding without further damaging the reputation of your self storage business.


  • Ignore Reviews – Search popular review sites daily for new reviews about your business.
  • Respond Immediately – Although time is of the essence, it is more important to calm down and think through your response.
  • Be Rude – However you choose to respond, keep your words professional.
  • Respond to Personal Attacks – If a review is nothing but a personal attack on your employees without a substantive complaint, do not feel compelled to respond or do so very briefly.


  • Respond Online – Make an effort to respond in a professional way to online reviews.
  • Respond to Legitimate Concerns – If a reviewer describes a legitimate issue, it is imperative that you respond quickly and work with the customer to resolve it.
  • Admit Wrongdoing and Apologize – If your business made a mistake, admit it and offer a sincere apology.
  • Make a Positive Out of a Negative – Once the situation has been addressed, respond to the review online and explain the changes that have been made.

Overall, online review sites provide a service for both self storage tenants and businesses. If you make it a habit to monitor these websites for reviews about your business and respond in a sincere, professional manner, you may soon find that your positive reviews far outnumber the negative comments.

About the Author

Mike Schofield is the President and CEO of Phoenix-based MiniCo Insurance Agency, a provider of specialty insurance products and publications for the self-storage industry since 1974. MiniCo has partnered with London-based Lloyd’s to offer specialty property and deductible buy-back solutions for insuring the most challenging self-storage properties. MiniCo Insurance Agency, LLC, is a member of the Aran Insurance Services Group. For more information, visit

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