Five Ways HR Outsourcing Can Simplify Your Storage Business

Posted: 1/18/2017
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As the owner or operator of a storage facility, you may feel as though inundating human resources (HR) and administrative tasks detract from the growth and profitability of your business. Many business owners are turning to HR outsourcing companies for assistance. In fact, Adam Skolnick of states that nearly 85% of business owners currently outsource at least some of their HR functions.

The following outlines ways in which HR outsourcing companies can streamline and simplify your storage business:

  1. Technological enhancements: Many storage owners are still relying on old processes such as timeclocks, check stubs and paper insurance enrollments. HR outsourcing companies can offer technological solutions, such as paperless on-boarding and online time and attendance systems, that can save time and reduce labor burdens.
  2. Reducing costs and limiting liability with workers’ compensation solutions: A workers’ compensation solution can help manage risk and avoid unnecessary financial and legal exposure. HR outsourcing companies can assist storage owners in securing affordable workers’ compensation policies that help protect their business. Safety training programs can also be outsourced, assisting owners in keeping their employees safe.
  3. HR compliance: Have you ever been concerned with keeping track of the latest updates in health care or overtime pay? With HR outsourcing, a dedicated team of experts are assisting you with compliance in HR, payroll, employee benefits and more.
  4. Cost and time savings on healthcare plans: Healthcare is not only becoming more expensive, but more complicated. Regarding the current state of the ACA health care standing, HR outsourcing companies can provide the expertise to help storage owners navigate the complexities, while at the same time securing the best solutions for the business and its employees.
  5. 5. One company, one source, one solution: Replacing multiple vendors with one streamlined process can simplify vendor management and help storage owners focus on their core duties.

Focusing on success requires the time to do so. HR outsourcing services can absorb some of the workload and allow self storage owners and operators the time to work on growth-oriented objectives.

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