Helping Tenants Protect Their Costly Possessions

Posted: 12/28/2016
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The mattress is an extremely valuable possession and should be properly stored. There are many bags to choose from and we recommend those with the best physical qualities that offer the highest level of protection.

Many bags in the market are low density polyethylene (LDPE). Think of regular trash bags that tend to break when you take the trash out. These have little elasticity and typically tear when stretched. Conversely, a linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) bag is stretchable and can handle tension. For example, Packrite brand is a LLDPE bag.

In addition to being able to withstand stretch, a LLDPE bag is randomly perforated with small holes. These tiny holes protect the mattress from mold. The bags are puncture resistant meaning that they have a higher tendency to withstand intrusion from objects than a LDPE bag. Mattresses are giant sponges which absorb water and humidity. An LLDPE bag protects against these components.

Moving day is hectic. During the move items get shifted quite a bit and are often transported through dirty areas. A LLDPE bag gives additional comfort to the customer by being more resistant to dirt, dust and insects.

Remember, customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of your self storage business. The customer may pay slightly more for a linear low density polyethylene bag but they can be assured that their valuables will be protected. Recommend LLDPE to your customers!

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