LEDs: Better Lighting Saves Your Business Money

Posted: 12/16/2016
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When it comes to business, we don’t merely make decisions based on their impact today, but over time. We make investments. Whether that is in a self storage business where tenants will rent units, advertisements to attract customers or employees to serve those customers, we spend today for the long-term revenue that spending will create.

That is why many businesses are quickly adopting LED lighting technology. LED lamps are initially more expensive than other types of lamps, the energy savings of LEDs more than pay for themselves often within a year or two. And with rated lives of 25,000 to 50,000 hours, they actually represent substantial energy savings over time.

And those dollars saved are dollars earned.

Additionally, you may not realize that LEDs do more than just save you money on energy. With their long rated lives, they can dramatically save a business on maintenance costs. You may replace an HID lamp several times before replacing an LED lamp once.

LEDs also retain more of their initial light output for a longer time when compared with older lighting technologies, whose light output can decrease by 20% or more in just 5000 hours of use or less. That same loss might take 40,000 hours for an LED.

Further, LED lights usually have a better quality of light, they operate well in the cold, and they offer instant on/off functionality -- something you can't say of HID lighting.

This is why Lighting Supply offers so many types of high quality indoor and outdoor LEDs for a self storage business, from fluorescent tube and high bay HID replacements to outdoor wallpacks and floodlights. As an exclusive to SBOA members, we offer 10% off your order when you use coupon code SBOA10 at checkout.

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