RealCap Brings Self Storage Investment Opportunities to Crowdfunding

Posted: 11/16/2016
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RealCap, a Santa Monica based online crowdfunding company, recently launched its Self Storage Opportunity Fund. The company will offer accredited investors, through its RegD506(c) offering, the opportunity to invest in self storage properties with a $10,000 minimum.

With the ability to partner with others via crowdfunding, the risks and demands of investing are lessened. With RealCap, accredited investors can benefit from being invested alongside other savvy investors and an experienced management team. RealCap, which owns and operates its own self storage portfolio, invests alongside its clients in every deal to ensure motivations and interests are aligned.

However, where the RealCap team really makes a difference appears to be in its diverse and creative arsenal of value-add options. In one recent deal in California, the team acquired an under-performing facility and within 3 months, had increased occupancy by 20%, decreased annual property taxes by 70%, optimized the insurance premiums by 50% and initiated leveraging extra acreage on the parcel by adding solar ports to create more income through rents and a Power Purchase Agreement from the utility company. In addition, they are looking at leasing space for a cell tower. Project time-lines are estimated to be 18-36 months per property. The primary exit strategy, after stabilizing an under-performing property, is to refinance with conforming debt to cash out its investors or to present back to the market at market value.

About RealCap

Together, the executive team brings together an immense amount of experience and disciplines. Co-founder & COO Tim Soto has been involved in real estate investments since 1995 and credits much of the success to the organizational and team-building skills developed during his service in the Marine Corps. CEO Matt Schuberg is an MBA grad that comes from a background as a financial advisor. After becoming disappointed in the stock market world of unpredictable market-fluctuations with little solid performance-expectations among brokers and clients, he found that he could best serve others by offering solid real estate investments.

RealCap provides a Regulation D filed investment opportunity for accredited investors seeking cash flow and attractive sustainable yields with high growth potential. Find out more online at .

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