How to Remove the Guesswork from Retailing

Written by: Tim Spicer Posted: 8/10/2016
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 Your existing or potential retail supply area is far too important to leave to chance. Even if this allotted space is referred to as an “office” and not a retail showroom, does not mean that a successful retail merchandising plan is not possible. Profit generating retail areas come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what the square footage, your company should take advantage of full product plan-o-grams designed specifically for the self storage industry and your specific store layout. To complement this merchandising you can utilize store fixtures, free standing displays, posters and indoor/outdoor signage. Fortunately, all of these items are available for a wide variety of store configurations and store budgets. In any situation your goal is to stimulate sales by product category and season.

What is a plan-o-gram? A plan-o-gram is a full merchandise display of carefully selected products designed specifically for your store type and its square footage. Market research is available from suppliers in the self storage industry to help you eliminate the guessing from your retail space. First, find out what the fast-selling products are in your region and which brand names are absolute essentials to carry in your store. There is no reason to carry any item that will not move and generate revenue. Also, you can request from any supplier what the suggested retail prices should be for each item in your store. You do not want to be undercharging for exact items where other storage operators are successfully selling for higher prices. Successful self storage retailers understand that they are selling items for convenience and impulse. They always make sure their prices are set to be competitive but also to maximize their profit.

Remember that the one simple key to increasing retail sales is presentation. Keeping your store clean and your displays properly stocked with the right mix of merchandise shows your customers that your store is professional and worthy of their storage business. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how following this one easy tip can have a significant impact on your overall sales and your store’s profitability.

About Supply Side USA

Supply Side USA is the leading supplier of packaging, shipping, moving and storage products to the specialty retailer. We sell to over 9,000 such outlets in the USA and Canada. Our customers consider us a valuable merchandising resource and their supplier of choice. Based on the combined sales experience of our customers, Plan-O-Grams have proven to be invaluable. 80% of your retail business comes from 20% of your products. We know those 20% and always recommend them, along with the suggested retail price and the right merchandising procedures. High quality, low cost and fast turnaround are important as well. Supply Side USA can buy better products at better prices and pass the savings on to you. It’s our commitment to serving you better that keeps us growing. 

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