No Store is Too Small for Software - Four Myths That are Holding You Back

Written by: Chuck Vion Posted: 8/5/2016
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 Think you’re just a small operator who does not need all those software features? Think again! Website integration, payment collection and automation apply to any store and boost profits, regardless of size.

Don’t let these myths hold you back:

Myth 1: “Software requires a certain store size, so I can’t afford it.”
Reality: Leading software providers succeed because they offer the same powerful software to operators of all sizes, with price scaling accordingly. Properly implemented management software will generate revenue well beyond the added software expense.

Myth 2: “I’m almost at 100% occupancy, why fix what isn’t broken?”
Reality: When demand is outpacing supply, you should systematically raise rent. Let your software suggest when it’s time to stop specials, raise rates for tenants and increase the street price of vacant units. It works.

Myth 3: “Websites aren’t used in my market. My customers only find me by word of mouth or my sign.”
Reality: Remember - cell phones in the U.S. outnumber people - customers use their phones to research and purchase goods and services. Help tenants find you where they shop by having a great website. It’s important your website connects to your software and lets tenants pay and reserve in real-time, no matter where they are. Consider software that includes a free website.

Myth 4: “My customers would rather come into the store once a month to do business in person.”
Reality: Most of your tenants are busy full-time employees with social events, school activities and other commitments. Tenants appreciate alternative, convenient payment options that save them time. Online payments and automatic monthly credit card or ACH bank drafts (AutoPay) reduce in-person visits. Win-win! You free-up some of their time and the less they are reminded about the expense and time it takes to store their things with you, the longer they are apt to stay. Tenants on AutoPay are also less sensitive to price increases.

Do you operate stores with fewer than 250 units? The SiteLink Under 250 Units eCommerce Bundle includes the full power of SiteLink at a fraction of the cost, complete with a free website to offer online payments and reservations.

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