The Rise of Self Storage Manager Technology

Written by: Mike Sawyer Posted: 7/8/2016
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The introduction of task-based technologies is being championed by self storage store managers as a means to manage an abundance of business tasks.

If you are looking for ways to reduce the effort you invest in collection calls and manual payment transactions, there are tools that will disencumber a large amount of your efforts.

The application of these services can improve your business' processes and let you focus on generating more tenants. 

Automatic Payments

  • It will save time. Managers answer fewer payment calls and make fewer manual collection calls
  • It is the future of transaction management. When calling the facility, over 60% of self storage tenants choose to make their monthly payment through XpressPay
  • It is customer-friendly. It is secure and allows tenants to pay when management is unavailable or when the office is closed

Fast and secure, automated payment systems give your tenants the opportunity pay through your phone number 24/7.

Automatic Collections

  • Saves time so managers can handle more important tasks
  • Customers can pay at their convenience
  • Just set-it... then forget it (no future maintenance or programming required)
  • Less expensive than do-it-yourself collections

Already utilized by hundreds of self storage managers nationwide, a product like XpressCollect is an automatic payment reminder and collection system that can streamline your collection process.

"Earlier this month, our stores collected over $30,000 on a Sunday, when our offices were closed! XpressCollect is the best collection tool since online payments were invented."

- Jim Mooney, Director of Operations at Devon Self Storage

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